Gone to the Birds

by Cynthia

The blackberry growing wild in our backyard has just about dropped all of its leaves for the year. When it does you can really see why it is called a bramble. Just look at that tangle of thorny canes!

Thorny Bramble

It never ceases to amaze me though at how the birds love to hide out in this thorny maze. Lately there have been a ton of birds paying visit to our bush and I have been unsuccessfully attempting to get their pictures. I am either too noisy or they are too quick for me to capture much more than a blur. My camera does not take very nice pictures at the distance I need to be in order to not scare them away. The below picture is about the best I have been able to get.

Birds visiting the Bramble

There are three types of birds that are frequenting our garden the most at the moment. They are:

the Black-capped Chickadee

 the Oregon Junco

 and the Spotted Towhee

 Here soon I might make up some suet for them as I did this last year and we really enjoyed watching them feast on it- that is until a crow started to hog it all!

All of the gorgeous images of the birds in this post are courtesy of Flickr. Please click on the images to view their source.

Someday I will have a camera that can capture those kinds of images!

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