In Mother Nature’s Garden

by Cynthia

A few days back I took my children out for another wildflower hunt. This time we were searching for a few specific flowers that I had read were in bloom at the moment. What a treat we had waiting for us!

Wildflowers of the Gorge

Northwest Balsamroot growing next to Harsh paintbrush

It leaves me in complete awe over how beautifully and effortlessly Mother Nature will design her garden. Everything seems to flow so perfectly together. Colors complement each other with ease. Nothing looks out of place or arranged. A gardener can learn so much just by observing how Nature designs her garden.

Wildflowers of the Gorge

Northwest Balsamroot in full bloom. In the background you can look across the Columbia River and see Washington.

The two wildflowers highlighted in today’s post are Harsh Paintbrush (Castilleja hispida) and Northwest Balsamroot (Balsamorhiza deltoidea). Everywhere we turned these two flowers were blooming close to one another like a perfect pair.

Wildflowers of the Gorge

Bright and cheerfull colors in Mother Nature's garden

They certainly jumped out at us from a distance being as bright as they are.

Wildflowers of the Gorge

Northwest Balsamroot (Balsamorhiza deltoidea)

Wildflowers of the Gorge

Honey bee paying a visit to a Northwest Balsamroot flower.

Wildflowers of the Gorge

Wickedly bright red is the flower of the Harsh paintbrush (Castilleja hispida).

It was a gloriously beautiful spring day to be out wildflower hunting. Later this week I will show some softer colors that we also spotted on our wildflower hunt.

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