A Year in Review

by Cynthia

It is so hard for me to believe but a year ago today I launched Brambleberries in the Rain. How quickly time flies! It has been quite a year for me and this blog. There have been tremendous ups and downs in my family this year and at times this blog got left behind. I am very pleased that I never gave up on keeping this blog going and I thank each and every reader out there for their support and kindness throughout this journey. That is exactly what I feel this blog has been- a journey. Through it I have learned so much about gardening and myself. Also through this blog I have met the most kind and interesting people. I never would have thought a year ago today just by simply writing about my passions I would connect with so many people from so many walks of life.

It has not always been easy keeping this blog running. At times I have asked myself why I am even doing it. But I have found I really do enjoy the writing and photographing that goes with keeping a blog. It also challenges me in one of the hardest areas I face. I tend to be a very shy and quiet type of person and blogging is a way for me to get out there, so to speak, and be just a little bit braver and leave my comfort zone a little bit more than I really like to do. Even though, a year later, I still cringe each and every time I hit that publish button!

I began blogging with a site devoted to the crafts I like to do and how my love of herbs would tie in with that craft. When I started Brambleberries in the Rain I never expected how hard it would be for me to keep up with one blog let alone two. Over time I have phased out my crafting blog in favor of this one. I have gradually been adding my previous posts from that crafting blog to Brambleberries in the Rain. They all relate to my craft of dyeing with plant based dyes. That is why if you go to my archives page you will see posts dated prior to June 1, 2008.

In order to celebrate my year anniversary I thought it would be fun if I created a movie looking back through this past year of Brambleberries in the Rain. Let me just say that it was so hard choosing which photos to use and I had no idea there would be so many too choose from! What a year it has been and thank you again to all the readers and followers of this site. You have truly made this blog worth writing.

Now I ask to steal just five minutes of your time to view the below movie. I promise you won’t regret it. Not to mention it took me forever to get it just right so please be kind and humor me. :) Oh, and make sure the speakers are on to hear the music for the full effect.

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