I Must Confess

by Cynthia

Birdhouse next to flowering thyme and rose

I have learned something new about myself recently that I have probably known for quite awhile but did not want to admit until it was staring me straight in the face. I must confess, I think I am a plantaholic. My friends and family probably already know this, and may just roll their eyes if they ever read this, but for me this is something I have yet to face up to.

It all began to reveal itself to me a little over a week ago when I decided it would be fun to post a page on this blog devoted to a list of what I have growing in my garden. It would just a simple alphabetized list that also includes links to posts I might have written about the various plants residing in my Oregon garden. I never imagined the list would turn out so large! I really have this many things growing- right now?! No wonder the garden is vying for so much of my time and attention at this very moment.

To think I even entertain the notion of acquiring yet another plant with a list this long is almost embarrassing. Do I really need another plant? If I am honest with myself I suppose that answer would be no but I just recently read about Black Cumin (Nigella sativa) and how it has been cultivated for centuries. According to my Seeds of Change catalog the seeds are great in rye bread and some were even found in Tutankhamen’s tomb! To top it all the off the flowers are just like Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella damascena), a flower I love to let self-sow in the garden. I’m sure I could find some room in the garden to tuck in a few seeds of this interesting sounding herb.

And so it begins, my garden multiplies and multiplies without me even really taking note of it. It is so easy to become a plantaholic. There are so many types of beautiful plants out there not to mention all the edibles that make it so hard to have restraint. Plus being a plantaholic can be justified so easily when you tell yourself, “Oh, it’s just one plant. And it only costs three dollars.” Before you know it one plant has turned into 30. Now I really do not want to think about what those dollar signs might be so let’s just not go there.

I am so very thankful of my family understanding my addiction to growing anything that produces chlorophyll. They are incredibly supportive and unbelievable helpful. My sons and husband have done so much work for my garden this year already. The least I can do is reward them with tons of fresh from the garden goodies. (My boys are anxiously awaiting the zucchini so they can devour some of my chocolate zucchini bread.)

Without further ado, here is the link to the list. It is not complete as of today. I still need to add all the various flowers I grow as well. I think I might also put a link to this list in the sidebar as I have already found this list to be handy.

To my readers out there, I ask: Are you a confirmed plantaholic? My bet is if you are reading this blog then you just might be!

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