Mystery Squash Thursday no. 4

by Cynthia

Mystery Squash June 25, 2009

Mystery Squash June 25, 2009

I was hoping for today’s update the flowers on our Mystery Squash would have bloomed but unfortunately they have not. They are however, getting quite big and numerous. I am sure it will be any day now and they will be blooming. Maybe by next week’s update?

Flower buds on Mystery Squash
We have had cool and gloomy weather this past week and my garden has been crawling along consequently. In fact it feels more like autumn today rather than the first week of summer! I find it horribly frustrating to say the least. It is summer and I want it to feel like summer.

This next picture for today’s update comes with a warning: do not click on it to view larger if you are afraid of spiders. This guy seems to love hiding out in and amongst the sunflower leaves and is finding the sunflower in the old compost pile quite a nice place to call home. I see him out there sitting on the sunflowers leaves everyday but when he spots me he hides down into the center of the plant. I don’t know what this type of spider is but he is pretty interesting looking.

Spider on sunflower leaf
Hopefully next week will yield some more summer-like weather and our Mystery Squash will put on a lot more growth. Until then happy gardening everyone!

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