Mystery Squash Thursday

by Cynthia

Update # 3

Mystery Squash

It has been so much fun hearing and reading about everyone’s past and present experiences with squashes coming up unexpectedly in their compost. Who knew that this was such a common occurrence!

The growth on the Mystery Squash slowed down just a little bit since the last update. I can’t say the same for the borage growing all around it though. I think I just might have to thin some of it out! My intention was to leave everything alone and let it fend for itself but the borage is taking over.

Borage taking over the old compost pile

The flower buds on our Mystery Squash have grown some since last week and I am sure it won’t be long before this mystery plant will be flowering. Hopefully all that borage in bloom will help draw the bees to the Mystery Squash’s flowers.

Borage in bloom along the old compost pile edges

Borage flower with a pollinating insect paying it a visit

I am rather convinced now that this mystery vegetable is either a pattypan type squash or maybe even a butternut. But I still really have no idea. I also remain baffled as to how the seed got in compost pile in the first place.

Maybe by next week’s update it will have a flower opening. Until then I am left to guess some more.

Mystery Squash and it's flower buds

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