Mystery Squash Update #2

by Cynthia

Mystery Squash as of June 11, 2009

Mystery Squash June 11, 2009

The mystery squash now has many self-sown neighbors! The former compost pile is turning into quite the hang out for previous garden residents. As of today one can find seedlings of borage, cilantro, dill, bachelor buttons, sunflowers, and cosmos coming up all around where our mystery dweller resides. A full garden that I did not even plant! Got to love that!
Cilantro seedlingSunflower seedlingBachelor button

The Mystery Squash has put on even more growth compared to last week. It is now even sporting some flower buds as you can see in the picture below.

Flower buds on Mystery Squash

I no longer believe it is a seedling from the zucchinis I have grown the last three years. Below is a picture of one of the zucchinis I have growing in the garden right now.

Zucchini 'Cocozelle bush'

As you can see the leaves from the mystery squash look quite different in comparison to my zucchini plant. And for anyone that might be interested, the last three years I have been growing an heirloom variety of zucchini from Seeds of Change called Cocozelle Bush. (This link will take you to their page for this particular zucchini.) I have actually been growing seedlings from the same packet of seeds these last three years. Not too bad really. I have been impressed with their viability.

The Mystery Squash seems to be doubling in size every week and yet it still remains a mystery as to what it really is. Until it decides to reveal itself once and for all Thursdays here at Brambleberries in the Rain have now officially become Mystery Squash Thursdays. Be sure to visit next Thursday to check up on its progress.

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