Mystery Squash Update

by Cynthia

Last Thursday I wrote about an unknown seedling that has germinated in my old composting spot. I am not sure but I believe it might be a type of squash growing there. After the comment made by Kevin from Kevin Oke Photography I thought it might be fun to post weekly updates on the mystery seedling’s progress.

Mystery Squash June 4, 2009

Mystery Squash June 4, 2009

I am amazed by how much growth it has put on in one week. It has more than doubled in size. I guess it loves the warm weather we have been having. (We actually have been on the dry side here in Northern Oregon which is a big difference compared to the wet cold spring we had last year.)

I will continue to keep posting weekly updates on this unknown garden resident until it reveals its true self once and for all. My two guesses so far are either a zucchini or a pumpkin- but I am so careful when it comes to not letting seeds from our food scraps into the compost for fear they will germinate everywhere so I remain baffled.

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