Skywatch Friday: Beautiful Mt. Hood

by Cynthia

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Mount Hood

I took my kids today on a spur of the moment trip out to the Hood River Valley area for some last of the season strawberry picking. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share of the farm we ended up at. It was too hard to take pictures while making sure a 2 ½ year old did not eat the whole strawberry field! The strawberries were still very plentiful despite being so late into the season. The owners of the farm told us the berries were too small for the fruit stand and were more than happy to let us pick till our heart’s content. My boys managed to pick close to 4 pounds each! Needless to say this evening you will find me in my kitchen busily making up jars upon jars of strawberry jam. We decided we should have pancakes for dinner just so we can have some homemade jam on them.

On our way back home I pulled off the road for a minute or two to stop at a panoramic spot so I could at least steal a photo (or two) for today’s Skywatch Friday. The sky was a little bit hazy but Mt. Hood still looked absolutely beautiful.

I could have stood and stared at the valley beneath us for hours but our strawberries were awaiting us in the car so I snapped this photo below and then got back out on the road towards home.

Hood River Valley

Now I must get going on that jam making and preserve some of today’s sweetness.

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