A Pollinated Mystery Squash Thursday No. 6

by Cynthia

My old compost pile has got to be one of the healthiest spots in the garden as these next few pictures will show. Everything posted here today was photographed just this morning.

Here is our Mystery Squash as we are wrapping up the second week of July. Getting quite big don’t you agree? I am pretty sure this big and beautiful plant is a pumpkin just waiting to show itself.

Old compost pile and Mystery Squash

The old compost pile almost looks like I designed and planted it. It is looking so pretty these days. The above picture cut it off but at the back of the old pile is a volunteered sunflower and in the picture below you can see it is not too far away from blooming.

Sunflower Bud

The first flower on the self-sown bachelor buttons bloomed yesterday. I was hoping for one of the pink ones that bloomed in the herb garden last year but this one is pretty too and covered in buds as the picture shows.

Purple Bachelor Button

The borage is still pumping out flowers and buds and I just love this photo below. It is like sailing a sea of borage.

A sea of borage flowers

The volunteered cilantro has already bolted. Last year I did not catch the seeds from my cilantro fast enough and this year it has self-sown all over the place. I was pleasantly surprised by this too. My rabbits love it and have been enjoying it for the past few weeks.

Cilantro in bloom

Finally, I have saved the best for last. While photographing all of the above blooms I noticed a honeybee hovering around the Mystery Squash. Today the Mystery Squash has two male flowers in bloom as well as one female flower. I got an up close and personal view of this honeybee going into the male flowers and then coming out all covered in pollen before heading on over to the female flower. It was so interesting to watch too because while in the female flower the honeybee sort of just wandered around the base of the flower not even seeming to notice that the pollen all over its back was performing something magical.

I took so many shots of this moment and decided to combine them into this little clip for below.

These next two pictures show just how covered in pollen that little bee was.

Honeybee Covered in Pollen on Squash Flower

Honeybee Covered in Pollen on Squash Flower

Thanks to that little bee I will hopefully be able to show a tiny pumpkin forming next week!

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