Mystery Squash Thursday: Case Closed!

by Cynthia

Mystery Squash looks to be a pumpkin

I think it is pretty safe to say the case of the Mystery Squash is closed. I think the picture for today is some rather strong evidence that points to our Mystery Squash being a pumpkin. So my hunch was right all along!

I remain baffled by how a pumpkin seed snuck into the compost pile last year. I am pretty careful about what kind of kitchen scraps go into our pile for fear that we would have everything from peppers and tomatoes to melons and pumpkins coming up all over the garden.

A couple of months ago I made the decision to move our compost pile to a new location of our yard. What once was a gaping pit left over from 2 years of composting is now a thriving and incredibly lush garden bed full of a multitude of self-sown flowers, herbs and now even a pumpkin. What amazes me is the fact that a pumpkin seed somehow found its way into the compost pile last fall and hide in waiting through all our snow and rain until the conditions were just right and then it decided to emerge and grow. A plant’s ability to survive and grow never ceases to leave me in awe.

I think this post will conclude my weekly updates on this no longer a mystery garden guest. I will however, continue to periodically post some picture of its progress as I cannot wait to see what this pumpkin grows into. This has been a lot of fun for me and my kids and I thank everyone who has followed these postings over the past couple of weeks. We have truly enjoyed hearing about all of your own mystery squashes that decide to grow in some unlikely of places.

If ever anyone needs some proof that compost is great for the garden they need to look no further than my old pile! I think it pretty much speaks for itself when one sees just how lush and green everything growing there is.

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