Mystery Squash Thursday No. 5

by Cynthia

It is hard to believe I am already at update number 5 on our little Mystery Squash. This growing season is flying by! Things have really heated up over here and we are right in the middle of a heat wave. I have spent yesterday and today getting the garden ready and making sure everything had a nice long drink of water. Some containers I even moved to shadier locations seeing that our deck can get very hot when temperatures rise.

The Mystery Squash has finally decided to bloomed since my last update. It is still surrounded by borage and I even pulled some up the other day to give it a bit more room.

Mystery Squash blossom

The flower pictured above is a male flower but look what is getting ready to bloom here soon:

Mystery Squash female flower bud

Maybe it is just me, but that looks awfully like a little teeny tiny baby pumpkin! Could it be that I was right all along and the Mystery Squash is a pumpkin? Time will tell I suppose. One thing is for sure- this unexpected garden guest is covered in flower buds right now. I might just hand pollinate the above female flower once it opens just to ensure we get to see what will develop.

I hope this update finds everyone’s gardens doing great. Now I am going to sit down and beat the heat with a nice tall glass of iced herbal tea!

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