Invasive but Oh So Good!

by Cynthia

The ever so invasive Himalayan Blackberry has been busy pumping out an excellent berry harvest for several weeks now. I do not know if I have ever encountered a more invasive plant and for most of the year I find myself cursing it as it threatens to take over my entire garden. About mid-July I have a slight change of heart when those thorn-laden vines are completely covered in the ever so sweet and juicy purple-black berries.

Himalayan Blackberries

This year seems to be an excellent year for the blackberries and I have been as busy as ever making batch after batch of jam for future gifts for friends and family. The wild patch outside our backyard has produced enough for over three batches already!

Ripening Himalayan Blackberries

Recently my family and I took a little hike around where we live and harvested a bucketful of everyone’s favorite summer treat. We stopped for a bit by the river’s edge to skip rocks and take in the beautiful scenery. In the below picture the plant in the front of the photo is a huge bramble of Himalayan Blackberry.

Skipping Rocks on the River's Edge

The path we were on was flanked on both sides by this invasive beast.

Path of Blackberries

No one enjoys the wild berry picking as much as my daughter! We have dubbed her our little bear cub as she will stand there and eat and eat those yummy berries. Somehow she knows to pick the perfectly ripe ones too!

Little Bear Cub and her Berries

I went a little crazy snapping picture after picture of the berries as they just seemed so photogenic! This next photo looks staged but I promise it was not. My husband called me over and pointed out how this berry was resting so perfectly right in the middle of a Queen Anne’s Lace flower.

Himalayan Blackberry sitting in a Queen Anne's Lace flower

As we started to head home I quickly snapped this candid shot of my two boys walking way ahead of us. Candid shots are always my favorite and I think this photo shows why.

Heading Home

After returning home, I was able to take a picture of our bucket of berries before it was turned into yet another dessert.

Bucket of Blackberries

For more information on this very invasive, if not yummy, blackberry you can a pay visit the following helpful links.

Himalayan Blackberries ready to eat

  • Oregon Department of Agriculture- information on this noxious weed
  • pdf file with some really good information from OSU

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