A Few Weeks

by Cynthia

In just a few weeks we went from this:

Rainy Backyard November 2010

to this!

View from the deck

I woke up this morning to find about 5 inches of snow on the ground with it still coming down pretty heavy. The kids were super excited and could not wait to get outside and dive into it.

Playing in the snow

I can’t believe winter is still roughly 3 weeks away. It sure feels like winter outside today. Perhaps it will help me get into the spirit of the holidays. I am struggling with feeling overwhelmed and not so ready for the holidays to be here this year. That is making me a little sad as I normally really love this time of year.

This week we should hear back from my son’s doctor and the results of last week’s colonoscopy. I am anxiously awaiting those. I am hoping they will shed some light on what is happening with all my children as they all have digestive problems in some form or another.

I am trying to find some time (and energy! the baby still does not sleep through the night, ugh!) to make everyone homemade gifts. Last year I was able to knit everyone on my list at least one gift. I don’t know if I will be able to pull that off this year! I’m at least going to attempt to make the kids some things. I did some online shopping at Etsy the other day for the kids’ gifts and will try to share the really cute finds later on this week.

How is late fall shaping up for everyone else?

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