A Month of Silence

by Cynthia

I didn’t expect to be silent on here for an entire month but that is exactly what has happened. I think after my last post I needed to take some time away to reflect on life and where my family and I are heading with our lives this year. Things have certainly changed since I began this little blog almost three years ago. I hardly recognize my life or myself for that matter.

I am still coming to grips with my daughter’s diagnosis. We are moving forward and every day brings with it some new challenges and interesting discoveries. I still toy with the idea of starting up a blog devoted to all the ups and downs we face with our daughter. The only thing stopping me right now is time. Never enough time these days!

We are still looking into moving and it looks as though it is definitely in our near future. I am trying to not think about this year’s garden too much because of this. Instead I have been focusing more on my knitting and natural dyes to distract me from wanting to plan out the garden.

Below is a picture of some yarn I dyed with Brazilwood.

Brazilwood Natural Dyed Yarn

It is being made into a lace shawl at the moment.

Yet another gardening distraction has me rummaging through my knitting sketches and notes from over the years. For years now I have improvised my own patterns for knitting and crocheting and I am now finally getting around to actually typing them up and am thinking about making some available here on my blog. Look for that here soon I hope!

I realize this blog is puttering along with posts thrown in here and there. I really hope to revive it this year. It seems to need to change a little though to reflect the changes I am facing in my own life. I do hope, you dear readers, continue to find it intriguing enough to continue on this ride with me. And what a ride it has been!

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