Taking Sleep for Granted

by Cynthia

Gabriel 11 months old


It has been a long 11 months since the birth of our son, Gabriel. He has had a long road when it comes to his health and general well-being. It has been a rough journey on his momma as well. He is still struggling to gain weight and has signs of multiple food allergies. I am happy to report though that there are signs of improvement. He has finally put on a little bit of weight and is starting to sleep more soundly at night. Just a week and a half ago the longest he would sleep would be for only 2 hours at a time. He would be up all night long, sometimes every hour. A few nights back we had a break through with the little guy and I am so happy to say that he is beginning to sleep for longer stretches at a time.

We have been trying multiple approaches to help him sleep better and the one that really seems to be helping is also the most simple and enjoyable of them all. I have been giving him a little baby massage with some homemade baby oil prior to him falling asleep for the night. All this baby oil consists of is organic coconut oil and lavender essential oil. He really enjoys the massages and the oil relaxes both mommy and baby! I would not have thought that something so simple could help so much but we are living proof that it is! For sure, lavender will always remain one of my favorite herbs.

So, now that the baby is finally beginning to get the rest he so badly needs maybe his momma will finally get the rest she needs! It has indeed been quite a year!

making his silly face


{Oh, and I must add as a side note that the homemade baby oil is also great for diaper rash!}

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