Finally Felt Like Spring!

by Cynthia

I woke up this morning to patches of blue sky above the garden. It seems the whole month of March the garden was cloaked by a gray, wet, and cold blanket. I cannot begin to describe how nice it was to see the sun today! I took advantage of the beautiful morning and went for a stroll through the garden with baby in tow. We observed several signs of spring that I had not noticed due to the rainy weather keeping me mostly away from the garden the past few weeks.

We noted several ladybugs groggily clinging to the violas that have popped awake overnight.

{note the pesky signs of slugs- how they have been loving the wet March weather!}

Ladybug on Viola

We also took note of the comfrey that just a few weeks ago was only beginning to peek out from the soil.

Comfrey in Early Spring

After lunch, while the baby took his nap, my daughter and I went out to get some weeding done. I see I am going to have fun keeping her from my flowers this year! She wanted to pick every Johnny jump-up she could find. The garden is in shambles I am afraid. There is so much work to be done. I did not put it to sleep properly last autumn (weeding, removing spent plants, mulching like crazy, etc.) and it shows so badly. It appears I currently have a garden of weeds not herbs and flowers.

We are indecisive on moving at the moment. (We know we should but oh, so do not really want to. The headache, expensive, and we are TIRED already.) While we sit on the fence I am going to go forward with at least a small-ish garden. (Yeah right- once I get going I can’t stop planting till I run out of room!) I love it too much to avoid it while we decide where and when to move.

Until my next garden check in, Happy Gardening!

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