Clary Sage in my Garden

by Cynthia

Three years ago (or was it four?) I started some Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) from seed and have been letting it flower and go to seed with abandon. The garden now finds itself sprinkled here, there and everywhere with clary sage plants.

Lucky us as they just happen to be in full bloom right now.

I find them to be very pretty coming up in and among the other garden plants. Unfortunately, I also seem to have difficulty photographing them. I have been trying all week to get some photos for you that really show just how pretty this plant can be. The photos you see today are about as good as I can get.

Clary sage has a long history of uses both culinary and medicinally. Another name for this Salvia is clear eye as a wash made from its seeds is said to help cleanse the eye. The leaves were once cooked and eaten like how we eat spinach today. Also, in the 19th century it was used a hops substitute in making beer.

The leaves are rather potent and I can never quite tell if I enjoy the scent or not. When I brush up against the leaves the scent drifts in the air and is unmistakable. The dried leaves can be used in potpourris.

This herb happens to be a biennial so you must be patient to enjoy its pretty flowers.

However, it does self-sow nicely so if you let some go to seed you will always have some in flower to enjoy.

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