Realizing One Thing

by Cynthia

These days we have been so focused on our house hunting to the point where other things in our lives are being placed on the back burner. This is in turn beginning to take a tremendous toll on me.

Every spare moment we are running out to go look at more homes. We live a rather large distance away so these searches are no small feat.

Our teeny tiny one income budget is not making this house hunt easy either. The home that we put an offer on that I mentioned about fell through. The seller was asking for way more than what the house is worth and we just couldn’t do it. I was heartbroken at first as it was a nice home in a beautiful neighborhood within walking distance to the library. Perhaps it is for the best as maybe there is another home out there that is meant for us.

One thing I have learned in this house search is just how much I want a small piece of land to homestead on. A half an acre would even be fine with me right now. We have always known this is what we want but we did not realize just how strong that pull was till we began looking at homes with almost no yard.

On Friday we are to go look for the second time at a home in Washington that is sitting on a half an acre. It is a rather small home so in some respects I cannot believe we are even considering it with our family of 6 but considering it we are. Taking a second look is always good. It fits nicely into our budget and even has fruit trees growing on it already. We shall see what Friday brings.

One thing I now know for sure—I do not want to skimp on this dream if we can at all help it. The garden and land and what comes with it is just far too important to me.

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