This Busy Summer

by Cynthia

Okay, so I have decided that house hunting is absolutely no fun. I have been trying so hard to update my blog but our summer of house hunting has kept me frazzled and away from the computer. No summer of relaxation for us! All we do anymore is search for homes that might be a perfect match.

Countless viewings and three offers later and I think our hard work just might be paying off. (Note I wrote “think” not “is paying off” as I am too afraid to jump the gun and get carried away before the whole process is over.) Last week we submitted an offer on a very nice 4 bedroom home in Washington and our offer was accepted.

This week found us making it through an inspection on the home leaving us feeling very relieved. (Don’t ask how terrible the inspection was on the last home we made an offer on! Let’s just say that anyone that buys that oh so cute farmhouse would be better off tearing it down and starting over. It was so cute on the outside but just like a book, you can’t judge a house by its cover!) We now await the appraisal step and no one foresees this being a problem so with anxious hearts we wait. With each home we have made an offer on we have gotten a little bit farther in the home buying process as well as have learned more and more. House hunting is not for the faint of heart!

I’m a little sad by how our summer has been spent. I did not envision all our days being spent investigating properties. No, instead I saw us taking the kids on mini little vacations: a small camping trip here, waterfall viewing there, and a trip or two (or three) to the coast. I try to remind myself that our hard work will pay off in the end and we will be in our very own house here soon. But a ride it has all been!

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