My Tomato Baby

by Cynthia

He has us both scratching our heads and laughing at the same time because for whatever reason, Gabriel absolutely loves tomatoes. He frequently asks for them at snack time and when he gets out in the garden he raids the beds with the tomatoes growing like untamed animals. (I never really got around to staking them this year.)

{This crazy weather we have had! We are still gathering tomatoes every few days.}

Ariella is much more interested in the flowers than the tomatoes.

These two green zebra tomatoes were meant for lunch but when I looked away Gabriel swiped them for himself.

He probably would have eventually ran off with the bright orange ones (Kellogg’s Breakfast) as well but I put those inside before he could.

See, he attempted to steal one after the green zebras were all gone!

My two little ones know this garden so well. Watching them run about in it this week has made me a little sad since we will be leaving it so very soon. I keep reminding myself we will make new memories in our new home and what fun we will have there.


{Seeds from the green zebra tomatoes can be found here.

And seeds from the Kellogg’s Breakfast tomatoes can be found here.}

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