A Snowy Yarn Along

by Cynthia

This week has finally brought with it a taste of winter. The past few days it has been snowing on and off. Today we are suppose to see the most of it.

Not as much as we saw in our previous home but enough to close the school for the older boys. (Much to their delight I might add!)

Ariella and Gabriel enjoy watching the snow come down and begin to pile up on the sidewalk. They are still(!) getting over being sick, in fact Gabriel took a turn for the worse last night so I am closely watching him today. I don’t want to risk them going out in the cold so we are enjoying a nice quiet snow day indoors coloring, reading stories, and playing dress up.

Taking care of sick little ones while determinedly fighting off getting sick myself has left little time (or energy) for reading this past week. I am still enjoying The Peach Keeper, even if it is at a very slow pace.

I just finished up Gabriel’s vest last night while watching the snow coming down and have yet to sew on the buttons. I really wanted an action shot of him wearing it but he was just in no mood for trying on Mommy’s knitwear today. I’m worried it may be a tad too small. I knit the 2 toddler size but am now thinking perhaps I should have made the 3. It may fit him for a very short time.

I can’t seem to decide on the buttons. I rummaged through my vintage button stash that I have been hoarding for nearly 8 years now and came up with three choices.

I would much rather use some handmade wooden buttons like these but would still need to get around to ordering them and I don’t want to wait even that long for him to wear the vest. He just might outgrow it before I get around to sewing the buttons on! Which ones do you prefer? I’m leaning towards the dark blue ones.

Thanks again to Ginny for hosting this week’s Yarn Along. I look forward to reading all of your posts.


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