Probably was Inevitable

by Cynthia

I suppose it was inevitable. Especially when you consider how sick the younger kids have been for the past two weeks. Two weeks adds up to a whole lot of runny noses being wiped by Mama and Daddy. By Friday afternoon there was no question about it, Steve and I had come down with the nastiest cold the kids have caught in quite a while. It was our turn to feel miserable and now we know why Gabriel has been so clingy and downright grumpy. This has really been one horrible cold. I have been caring for sick people for all of January now! It is no wonder it hit me so hard over the weekend. Today is the first day since Thursday that I feel a little bit more like myself.

I spent a large portion of the weekend laying in bed reading, crocheting and drinking very large quantities of my favorite under the weather tea blend. I was too tired and icky feeling to really concentrate on any of my current knitting so, I kept my ball of fabric yarn by my side and began work on the rag rug.

I am pretty happy with how it is looking. I think I have decided on it going in Ariella’s room once it is finished. I would work on it here and there while a sick little one would curl up next to me in my bed.

Ariella is enjoying watching it grow larger and I think that is my main deciding factor on having it go in her room.

As you can see in the photos, I have just about ran out of fabric yarn so I need to make some more strips. I think I have enough sheets and fabric scraps to make just enough more to finish this rug. I’m not too sure how big it is going to be. I think I will know when I see it.

Hope you are all well and healthy. There sure are some mean little colds floating around right now so everyone stay well.


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