A Visual Tour

by Cynthia

I certainly did not mean to disappear from this space for a week. Wow! The past week really did zip by me! It was quite the whirlwind really. Lots of new things being thrown at us and needing to digest. I’ll save all of that for another post on another day though for today I am finally getting around to posting the video I promised my 13 year-old son I would share with you last weekend. (Sorry Logan for letting this past week slip through my fingers. I swear I never forgot my promise to you. It just was a tad bit delayed.) Logan is our aspiring filmmaker and he had a blast at the waterfall earlier this month filming footage of the beautiful scenery. After getting home and editing all of his clips he practically begged me to share it with all of you here on my blog. I’m pretty proud of all his talents so I certainly do not mind sharing it. I think you all will enjoy it as well. I must add that he did not have his tripod with him at the time so I think he has a very steady hand!

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