Blue Sky

by Cynthia

Today was the most beautiful day! We awoke this morning to a blue, blue sky without a cloud in sight. After morning chores and an attempt at a lesson that fell short due to restless energy (spring fever perhaps?) I quickly threw together a spur of the moment trip to the East Fork Lewis River for a nature walk. It is now mid-February so I was hoping we could spot some signs of spring. We did notice the leaf buds on the blackberry bushes and a few shrubs around the river’s edge are beginning to swell. But other than that, the river and all its pretty river rocks are what really caught my little one’s attention.

They are like little moths to a flame when they get near water and rocks. What is it about tossing rocks into water that is just so exciting and fascinating? They were completely engrossed with this activity and probably would have remained so for hours I had let them. At one point I found myself thinking, “My goodness, there is going to be no rocks left in this spot here soon if I do not remove determined little Gabriel!” Luckily this little picnicking spot near the river also has a playground and that was how I was able to lure them away from the water’s edge- and all those wonderful river rocks!

After weeks of gloomy skies it felt so good to see that bright blue sky above and feel the sun. The fresh air combined with the sights and sounds of the river were enough to really lift my spirits after what has been a tremendously hard month. I walked away from this nature walk feeling so much more refreshed and at peace. I wish I could have bottled up all that blue sky and the flowing sound of that river!

I hope you all have had a beautiful week and have an even lovelier weekend. xoxo

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