Perennial Pepper

I once years ago read somewhere that you could, with a little effort, pot up a pepper plant from the garden and bring it indoors under grow lights where it will overwinter until next year. I always thought that was interesting as I once grew a cayenne pepper in sunny Southern California that never died. It was in fact the happiest cayenne I had every seen.

While out and about the other day I spotted a display of peppers that were advertised as being on clearance. They looked rather healthy and the thought crossed my mind that they would be lucky enough to produce much before autumn settles in. That was when the memory of the perennial pepper came flooding back. I could grow one of these in a pot and bring it indoors when I bring in some of my other tender plants. Then come next spring this pepper would have a head start on all the rest.

So, I chose an Anaheim pepper to help me remember my days spent gardening in California. Well, that is the label says it is an Anaheim pepper. To me it looks more like a jalapeno but I guess time will answer that question. I plan on transplanting it into a bigger pot here in the next few days. We shall see how it fairs during the winter months spent indoors. Hopefully with any luck next year I will be having some beautiful peppers long before the tomatoes even begin to set fruit.

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5 Responses to “Perennial Pepper”

  1. Great idea Cynthia. My mom is doing that with a cherry tomato this fall. She is growing it in a hanging basket under a overhead fluorescent light. I’m sure if it gets plenty of light & warmth it should do fine. Look forward to seeing your early crop next season. :)

    Hi PGL, I never thought of trying it out with the tomatoes but it makes sense. I’m not too sure where I am going to put the grow light just yet. I still need to figure that part out! :) -Cynthia

  2. Jane Marie says:

    I’ve learned another new thing today. I didn’t know you could overwinter peppers. I’d like to try it.

    Hi Jane Marie, if you decide to try it maybe you can find some peppers on clearance right now like I did. I’m curious to see how this pepper will do. -Cynthia

  3. Karen says:

    Cool idea! Anaheims are my fav too, just enough heat to make it fun, not so much that you burn your mouth off. Hope the experiment is, uh, fruitful!

    - Karen

    Hi Karen- LOL! I hope it is fruitful too! ;) -Cynthia

  4. I’ve overwintered herbs and tomatoes, but I never thought about peppers. Pepper require lots of HEAT to form fruit. Keep us posted on how the pepper does!

    Hi Mrs. Greenhands, this was a more for the heck of it purchase so I am pretty curious to see how it does and I will keep you posted! :) -Cynthia

  5. jgh says:

    You’ve given me an idea here, Cynthia. I have two fine pepper plants in an earth box that I may try to overwinter this year. I’ve never overwintered a vegetable before.

    I’m glad I was able it inspire you. :) If you decide to try it out you’ll have to let us know how it goes. I bought the pepper plant pictured in the post because it was on clearance and figured it was worth a shot. If it doesn’t make it inside then I won’t be too sad. Good luck with yours! -Cynthia

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