Yet More Cosmos

by Cynthia

I know I just posted a picture of the cosmos that have taken over the herb garden but I couldn’t resist posting some more today. They are just so pretty right now. They are Picotee Cosmos and I bought them from Seeds of Change two years ago. I was a little disappointed when I planted them over two years ago as they are very mixed. The pack of seed was definitely not full of pure Picotee Cosmos seed. They are still very pretty though. Last year I wanted to single out the picotee flowers and save seed from just those but I got too lazy and let them all self sow so this year there is yet another mix of cosmos everywhere.

I love having them everywhere because then I don’t feel so guilty cutting them for vases! And they do look pretty as cut flowers.

The following pictures can be clicked on to enlarge.

In the picture below, the yellow flower behind the cosmos is mullein.

This is what they all should look like if they all came up true to their variety:

My daughter loves picking them right now. In fact every time I turn around she is over there at the herb garden picking the cosmos!

I can’t really blame her seeing that they are such cheerful and happy flowers!

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