What’s in a Name?

by Cynthia mybloggingplanet.com

Earlier this week Gail, at Clay and Limestone, asked bloggers to explain how they came up with their name for their blog. What a fun post that turned out to be. It is interesting to read how people came up with their various blog names. This week has been rather hectic for me so I came to that post a little late in the game and decided I would write my response here at my blog.

I thought this blog’s name over for quite awhile before I decided to go ahead and go with Brambleberries in the Rain. I was not really too fond of the name at first. I wanted a name that provoked a certain feel or mood to it. Plus I wanted a name that would sum up, in a brief way, this beautiful area I live in. I almost went with Evergreens and Brambleberries but my husband and 2 boys really liked Brambleberries in the Rain a lot more.

To me it seems rather obvious why I chose this name. After all, everyone knows the Pacific Northwest can get a ton of rain. In fact we receive about 7 feet of rain a year. That is only 2 feet less than the Amazon rain forest! Then there are the wild brambleberries that grow everywhere. I was amazed at the amount of wild berries growing when we moved up here. When you head east on Interstate 84 and begin to enter the Columbia River Gorge there are literally miles of blackberry bramble. I think the Himalayan blackberry (which is not native) is trying to swallow up the entire state of Oregon!

I came to my blog’s name after I factored in all of the above details. I felt it conveyed the area nicely and I like the feeling it gave to the blog. It sort of conjures up an image in one’s mind and I like that.

Thanks to everyone that visits this blog. It has been quite a fun ride for me and I am just getting warmed up! (Although I do worry about what will I blog about on this gardening blog when before long the cold wet rain settles in…..)

Oh, and in the picture at the beginning of this post I show a bright blue sky because I want to hold on to these warm summer days with the gorgeous blue skies while I can. Not much longer and we will be seeing days upon days of rain.

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