Another Dinner from the Garden

by Cynthia

Around here I am known for making a supper yummy, mystery pasta dish. Why is it a mystery? Well, you never know what I might throw into it. It is actually very simple and always tastes so fresh and good. My husband and our 2 boys have been at me for weeks now to put the recipe up here on my blog so to humor them here it is.

The main part of this dish is of course pasta. I just use whatever we happen to have on hand. The other night that happened to be bowties. While the pasta cooks I prepare my other ingredients. Minced garlic and extra virgin olive oil are the two must have ingredients for this dish; everything else is up to you.

I’ll explain how I made the other night’s pasta dish. While the pasta was cooking I minced my garlic (3 whole cloves worth) and chopped up some tomatoes, onion, basil, and parsley. (All of which were from the garden. Yea me!) I also cut off the kernels from some corn that I had just brought in from the garden. All of this went into a bowl to wait for the pasta to finish cooking. Once the pasta is done I drain it and then immediately pour it into the bowl that contains my other ingredients. Then I immediately pour some extra virgin olive oil over the hot pasta. It is important to do this when the pasta is still very hot as the heat from the pasta warms the herbs and helps the olive oil get absorbed. After adding the olive oil I toss the pasta really well and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

The ingredients really vary depending on what we have on hand at the time. Sometimes I use canned tomatoes, other times I use sundried tomatoes. When I happen to have it in the house I will add parmesan cheese which is really good. Lemon thyme is also very good with the tomatoes in this. I have also added a can of black beans before. Whatever sounds good is what I will add. I like that this dinner is rather economical as you just use whatever you happen to have on hand. It also encourages creativity! The fun thing about this dish is the fact that it is never the same twice! Got any good combo ideas to add to this? I’d love to hear them!

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