by Cynthia

Today I can really feel autumn in the air. The sun is coming in through the windows at a different angle and the garden seems to be slowing down. I was out gathering seeds from some of the spent flowers and the pollinators that visit my garden seem to be working at a feverish pitch dancing from one flower to the next. It is as though they know the garden is reaching its end.

It always makes me feel a little sad this time of year. The garden was all too short for my taste this year. The unusually cold spring cut the growing season very short for us. It all seems to have gone way too fast for me this time.

There is yet another reason for my melancholy today. My oldest son began high school this morning. Today it is hitting me that my little boy is growing up. He has seen 14 summers and today I am realizing just how quickly they have flown by. I can see him metamorphosing into a young man right before my very eyes just as I look out at my Japanese maple and view its leaves beginning to change color with the approaching fall. I long to hold that little boy’s hand again as the time has gone by way too fast.

As I begin to prepare the garden for the new season I am also trying to prepare myself for what lies ahead with these next four years he has left under my wing.

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