Rewarding Myself

by Cynthia

Today I spent my morning getting the runaround from the DMV while attempting to renew my driver’s license. I will not bore everyone with all the details but let’s just say that it involved them needing proof of my maiden name (?!) which required me driving 25 miles back home so I could get my marriage certificate only to have to turn around and drive the 25 miles back to their office. I was not a happy camper by the time the whole process was over. I promise I will not turn this post into a rant about the DMV but it is a little ridiculous considering the amount of documentation they wanted from me. A utility bill in my name, my Social Security Card, and my birth certificate were not enough for them. They also wanted me to produce my marriage certificate. I was afraid they were also going to ask for blood from my first born son next!

After dealing with all of that I decided to enjoy the little bit of kid-free time I had left by going to a local nursery that is in the area of the DMV. I am so happy I did too as their sign out front announced to me that their roses were 50% off! Yea! That made up for the DMV morning real quick!

I ended up purchasing a tree rose by Jackson & Perkins called ‘Spring Fever’. I love tree roses and have wanted to get another one so I was really happy to see that they still had a few left. I have a tree rose planted in a container at the entrance to the veggie garden and this new rose will go in a container flanking the other side of the entry way. They shall be my two sentries of the veggie garden!

Picture above courtsey of Jackson & Perkins

Picture above courtsey of Jackson & Perkins

I also picked up an Obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana) and I almost didn’t after all the gardening blogs I have read this year complaining about how non-obedient this plant really is. But I couldn’t resist! The flowers are just too beautiful on it! I almost purchased the variegated variety but decided I did not like it as well for my garden.

Then this semi-double Balloon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus Astra Semi-Double Lavender) caught my eye. It is absolutely gorgeous. The flowers are so romantic looking to me. I just love the color too. I am very excited about this little plant.

Finally I had to swing by their annuals and see what cool weather plants they have in. I ended up buying a Frizzle Sizzle Pansy. I couldn’t resist this buy either as I just adore Violas. This one is so pretty with its ruffled petals. I also went ahead and bought a mum. Somehow I always get lured into purchasing one each year. They are always so loaded down with buds and they just call out to be bought with all their pretty colors. I love the creamy color of the one I purchased whose name happens to be Linda.

My morning may have started out a little crazy but I most certainly enjoyed the last half of it. Now I have a ton of planting to do this weekend! It looks like we are in for some nice weather so it will be perfect for planting all of my new found treasures.

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