What a Difference a Week Can Make

by Cynthia

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a week can make in the garden? On the 7th of this month I posted a picture of my Rosa Rugosa with its leaf buds swelling. In case anyone missed it here is the picture again:

Budding Rosa Rugosa

Exactly a week after posting the above picture I took this next picture:

Leaves of a Rugosa Rose

It amazes me how almost overnight the garden can change and grow right before our very eyes.

Despite there being signs in the garden of Spring on her way I am having a hard time believing it as we awoke to about an inch of snow on the ground. (Can you hear me grumbling and moaning as you read this?) I am more than ready to put this past winter behind us!

I found this site to be interesting on Rosa Rugosas. At the end of the page it mentions using the young suckers in soup. I’ve never heard of this use before!

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