Surviving the Heat

by Cynthia

We are being hit by a brutal heatwave this week and as I type it is taking its toll on my kids and my garden. Plants and kiddos are wilting away while the temperature on my deck has climbed to 116°F! I was up early this morning watering everything trying to prepare for the heat that I knew was coming. Tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter.

I do not care for this heat and am finding it unbearable right now since we do not have air conditioning. Normally one does not really need it during the summer in the part of Oregon that we live in. This summer though has been another story.

My two boys decided after lunch to pay a visit to the river that always seems to be cold in attempts to cool off on this hot July afternoon. Once my daughter is done napping I just might join them.

I have not been around my computer the past four days and have lots of blogs to get caught up on as well as some posts to write. I have been busy in the kitchen as well as the garden and hope to have some good posts about both later on this week.

Until then I am leaving my readers with this beautiful picture I took of the Columbia River Gorge back in May. It was taken not too far from where we call home. Stay cool everyone!

Columbia River Gorge

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