Pastel Stripes

by Cynthia

Joining Ginny for this week’s Yarn Along.


The temperatures have finally cooled down some this week. Just in time for the cardigan I started last week! I am pleased with how it is knitting up. (Even if coming up with the stripe pattern gave me a bit of anxiety! Sometimes that perfectionist streak in me tends to come out in my knitting–and consequently drive me a tad bit nuts!) I love the colors together and really hope that Ariella does too. I tried to incorporate enough pink for her liking so hopefully it will be a winner and worn often this winter. (Rav notes can be found here for those that are interested.)

On the house hunting front we found out today that the home in Washington appraised for over our contract price so we are set to close by as early as next week. (!!!!) I really need to get my you know what together and get this house packed once and for all! I have decided that packing a home full of 6 people is a monumental feat.

I’m still biting off little bits here and there on The Help. It really is a good book to savor so I am not complaining too much about my lack of time to read. I hope to have it finished before the big moving day though.

How is your knitting and reading coming this week? Do you find yourself having more time to do both now that summer is wrapping up?

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