It is hard for me to believe that we are now the third day into 2012. My how these past few weeks have flown! I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. I had wanted to share some of my handmade gifts with you before the season past us by but I was swept up in so much of its frenzy that I never found myself able to do so.

I thought I would at least share one of the gifts I made for Ariella- even if it is a little bit over due!

A little while back I came across some tutorials for bendy dolls- cute little dolls made from pipe cleaners. When I saw these I just knew they would be perfect for Ariella as she loves little toys that she can manipulate and carry around. I set about gathering up my supplies in early December to make her some as well as a little wooden box (which I painted pink with white polka dots) to keep them in.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with how they turned out! I used silk flowers for their clothes and my naturally dyed yarns for their hair. To me they look like sweet little flower fairies. After some flip-flopping decision-making I decided to go without painting their faces on. I really liked the idea of her imagining them for herself.

I am very pleased to say that she seems to love them and has named each one. (With rather unusual names I might add, like Izzia, but that is my Ariella for you- always coming up with interesting things.)

Below you will find links to the tutorials I used as guides. I know I will definitely be making her more of these in the future. Not to mention, my thirteen year old wants me to make him some that resemble zombies. I think I like the idea of the flower fairies better though.

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