.:Yarn Along:.

by Cynthia

It’s been so long since I’ve done a Yarn Along post! I’ve missed this weekly blogging routine so I decided to take part in today’s Yarn Along. It is always so inspiring seeing what everyone is creating and reading.

This week I decided I really needed to take a break from all the nonfiction I keep reading. It’s literally been months since I read a book just to read. I need a book to escape to right now. Something to take me away from my own world for just a bit each day. The other night I picked up Astrid and Veronika by Linda Olsson. It is a smaller book so it’s not quite so intimidating to finish. These days I seem to have just little fragments of time to devote to reading. The book instantly pulled me in and I find myself looking forward to the night when the house is quiet and I can escape to reading it.

As far as knitting goes, I am still working on Gabriel’s Milo. I’m only managing a round or two a day this week so progress feels slow. I’m loving the little cable! I was going to skip adding a cable and knit just a simple little vest but then decided the blue yarn would look good with a cable. I’m glad I changed my mind!

One reason my Milo progress is slow is because of the Weekend Shawl I just started the other day. I’m loving the color and the silk. I want to just keep knitting away at it! It is going to be a gift for someone so it has a deadline which is another reason why it is receiving more of my attention this week.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else is reading and working on this week. As always, thanks so much to Ginny for hosting the Yarn Along.

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