Died and Gone to Lavender Heaven

by Cynthia mybloggingplanet.com

Yesterday I took my three kids on a little trip that was a total feast for the senses. Not too far from us is this beautiful area by Mt. Hood called the Fruit Loop. It gets it name from all the fruit orchards that are along a few roads that form a sort of loop. Along the Fruit Loop is a farm named Lavender Valley. As I have mentioned here recently, July is the month for picking lavender here in the Pacific Northwest. All over there are lavender festivals going on. This week Lavender Valley hosted theirs.

During the festival they were offering u-pick lavender for three dollars a bunch. We had such a nice time strolling through all the rows upon rows of lavender and picking our own bundles to take home. It is so incredibly beautiful to see. There are the rows of lavender that are beautiful beyond words but then there is also the view of Mt. Hood that is breathtaking as well.

I have some fairly decent pictures to share from our visit. Some didn’t turn out quite as well as I would have liked. The wind was really blowing on top of having to chase my daughter down constantly so I am amazed I got some as good as I did!

Tomorrow I plan on sharing some ideas for ways to use lavender through out the house.

All the photos can be clicked on to view full size.

A sea of purple

Mt. Hood can be seen in the background

It was so hard to get a good shot of the bees visiting the lavender as the wind was blowing very strong.

This picture shows the lavender that has already been harvested. They distill the lavender into essential oil right there at the farm.

My eldest son took this picture of the gazebo in the sea of lavender.

One of the bundles we picked ourselves.

My son picking his lavender bundle

Another beautiful view

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