About the Herb Garden in Mid-June

by Cynthia mybloggingplanet.com

Hard to believe that summer is just days away! You would never know it here in my Northwest garden. It has been such a cold and wet and downright dreary spring. Just a few days here and there of sun. The garden is moving along sooo slow. Some plants in the herb garden are looking nice right now and I thought I would share some photos I took of them.

The photo below is of my Berggarten sage. I just love the nice thick green leaves it has. If I decide to let it flower this year I will have to remember to get some photos of them as they are just as attractive.

Berggarten Sage

Lovage is just now beginning to flower. It stands a good 4 feet tall these days. It has grown a lot in the past few weeks. I photographed it back in April and you can really see how much it has grown since then.

Lovage in flower

Also photographed back in April was the Egyptian walking onions. They too, are now beginning to flower.

Egyptian walking onion in flower

Feverfew decided to reseed itself last year and it has came up in some unusual places. As you can see, it is also flowering.

Ferverfew in flower

Last to share is another picture of Lady’s mantle in full flower now. See how pretty it looks next to the just beginning to flower lemon thyme.

Lady's Mantle and Thyme in flower

Despite the gloomy weather the herb garden is still attempting to put on a show. The veggie garden, however, is another story entirely. I’m battling slugs, soggy soil, and a lack of warm weather. We might get some home grown veggies this year! Fingers crossed.



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