WIP Wednesday

by Cynthia

I’ve decided to participate in my first WIP (work in progress) Wednesday today. I enjoy reading other blogger’s WIP posts and seeing what kinds of knitting, sewing, and crocheting they have going on at the moment. Today I thought I might share my own.

I have been working on a Baby Tabitha top for my daughter for a few weeks now. It has been somewhat slow going as I can’t seem to sit and knit as much as I’d like to these days. I am knitting it with a yarn by Kollage called Riveting. This yarn is so neat to me as it is made from recycled blue jeans! So far I really like it as it is nice and soft and drapes nicely.

I’m also always working on several new diaper soakers for little Gabriel. He never seems to have enough! Here are my two latest. The blue with the cabling are the longies. I just need to add the leg cuffs to the soaker to finish it up. Both are going to have an elastic waistband.

Not really yarn related, but a WIP nonetheless is our decision to move some raised beds around in the garden. We have had enough with the rocky soil in the veggie garden so we have decided to migrate some raised beds over there. We did not even garden in this section of the yard last year because of all the rocks. Raised beds is where it is at from now on here in this garden! {And to you readers out there that have been here with me for the past 3 years this is the same rocky, horrible soil I blogged about when I first started this blog. You can refresh your memory here.}

How are your WIP projects shaping up for the week?

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