I know I keep mentioning how much I am in love with my drop spindle but I need to mention it once again. I am so hooked on this spinning your own yarn and then knitting with it craze I am on! My only complaint is that I have not had enough time to devote to it lately.

The other day I decided to dye up some roving with my indigo vat and below is what I ended up with.

I love how in some places I purposely did not let the indigo seep in and now there are bits of white scattered all about.

It makes me think of a beautiful blue sky with a few white clouds floating by. I’m hoping it will remind me of the gloriously blue skies we get in the summer because sadly, the rains will be returning in just a few short weeks.

I cannot wait to start spinning this roving up. What am I going to make with it you might be asking? I have absolutely no idea! Perhaps I will be inspired as I spin it up.

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