Overflowing with Blackberries

by Cynthia

The blackberries are finally ripening! This year has been a test of patience for my older three children. The berries are close to being 3 weeks late this year which has had certain members of my family quite antsy. The kids really do look forward to our yearly blackberry harvest and who can blame them!

The other day we happened upon a spot that had the biggest blackberries I have ever seen. Nearly 3 inches around, I kid you not! To top off their size they are incredibly sweet too. Who doesn’t love summer and all of its wonderful bounty?

We returned to our “secret” little spot again today to pick some more and I am afraid we are now overflowing with blackberries in our kitchen. I believe by the end of this weekend my hands will be stained a permanent berry purple from all the jam and berry preserving I must get busy with.

I am hoping to attempt a blackberry jam made from honey instead of sugar—I’ve always used sugar in the past. I will be sure to let you know the results of this little kitchen experiment!

Hope you all are having a wonderful mid-August weekend!

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