Brambleberries in the Jam

by Cynthia

I mentioned the other day that the blackberries are finally ripening around us. My son and I have been busy harvesting and preparing jar upon jar of blackberry jam. This year I really wanted to try making our jam with honey instead of sugar as I am trying to keep the kids’ sugar consumption down after all of our recent digestive upsets. I picked up a package of low to no sugar needed pectin and got busy making my first batch of jam for the year. I used just our local honey as a sweetener. I am really pleased with the results. The jam has jelled nicely and has a wonderful flavor. It is not make your teeth hurt sweet like some sugar made jams can be. There is a slight honey aftertaste that mingles with the berries and does not mask their flavor.

Ariella and Gabriel both sampled some this morning with their breakfast and they both approve of this jam as you can see!

We have so many berries to pick and process still. I think my next batch will be made following the recipe on the pectin package for no sugar jam. I am so curious to see what straight-up blackberry jam will taste like after trying the jam made with honey.

I feel like we are in a hurry to harvest the blackberries while we can as it sure feels like Autumn is rapidly coming. On a drive the other day I noticed some leaves are beginning to change color on the Alder trees and the Big Leaf Maples. As much as I love Autumn, I do not want to see summer fade away so fast. Her visit this year has been entirely too short and sporadic.

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