Don’t Blink

by Cynthia

Why does time have this way of sneaking up on us? Today marks a rather big and somewhat emotional day for me for two reasons. You see, my two older boys both returned to school today. Logan, my 12 year old is starting the 7th grade after being homeschooled since the 2nd grade. It has been very hard for me to let go and watch him walk to the bus stop this morning. The past five years have gone so fast. I keep thinking about all the different projects I wanted us to do in our homeschool that I never got to. This is a huge stepping stone for him–going off to middle school– and I feel as though my little boy is nearly grown up.

Long time readers to this blog may remember a post I wrote several years ago about my oldest son, Daniel. I was feeling a bit gloomy that day when I wrote that post because Daniel had just started high school as a freshman and I could not believe he was getting that old. Well, this morning Daniel entered those high school doors as a senior. I swear it was yesterday that he was a young freshman, not a 17 year old senior! To think we have just one year left before he graduates…

When the boys were both little, people would tell me to hold onto them while I can because the time slips by so fast. I would be polite and nod my head but inside I was thinking, “18 years cannot fly by that fast.” Well, today I sit knowing exactly that what everyone told me all those years ago is indeed very true. The years do fly by way too fast. I feel as though I have only blinked and now find myself the mother of two young men.

Gabriel and Ariella had better look out because I am holding on tight to them!

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