My Perfect Gift

by Cynthia

For Christmas this year I hinted and hinted at my husband for the only gift I really cared to get. It seemed to work because I found exactly what I had hinted at under the tree Christmas morning.

I have wanted some hand carders for quite awhile now but could not bring myself to just go out and buy them for myself. I am so enjoying working with them and learning how to make rolags. I have been practicing with some already dyed wool top from Ashland Bay. The blue top as well as the yarn on the bobbin that you see in these photos are going to be plied together and will hopefully make a beautifully soft yarn perfect for a hat or cowl.

I am practicing my long draw for making some nice and airy woolen yarn and I am just loving spinning with my freshly made rolags.

I am such a visual learner. I found several YouTube videos to be very helpful and have referred back to them more than once. Like this one here on making rolags and this one on spinning using the long draw method.

I am really enjoying working on my long draw. It is so different compared to spinning a more worsted yarn. As you pull back on the fiber you can feel it become almost elastic-y as it draws out and I just love that. Maybe I’m odd but I think it is just the neatest thing ever!

Next up on my spinning list is this beautiful roving by Woolgatherings.

It is a blend of merino and tencel and is just lovely. I plan to spin it worsted and two ply it. I will be sure to share photos of my finished yarns. Until then you will find me happily spinning this rainy season away.

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