In my last post I shared some photos of my latest spinning project. Today I have some photos to share of the finished yarn from that post.

I’m so pleased with the results of this yarn! It is so soft, airy, and huggable. I think it would be just perfect for this pattern for Gabriel. Tonight I plan on winding it into a ball and possibly casting on. I’m just too excited about it!

My new carders are getting a work out. I find bits of time here and there during the day to make rolags. Gabriel is curious about the hand carders and has attempted to steal them more than once but for the most part I can use them during the moments that he is playing contently with this toys. Ariella is very intrigued by them and is always wanting to know why I am “brushing my yarn.”

Here is my newest batch of freshly made rolags. I’ve gotten the technique down now so I am whipping them out rather fast.

I cannot wait to see them spun up because I have added bits and pieces of leftover fibers from other projects to them.

Now that I was able to share these photos with you, I am off to finish up some work before the night gets away from me!

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