Over the Weekend

by Cynthia

Over the beautiful weekend we just had I took three of my four kids out to “go on an adventure” and explore some areas we have not yet investigated since moving here three months ago (already?!).

We sure did not know the treat we had in store for us!

I was looking for a spot to turn the car around when I spotted a sign and a parking lot. I pulled in to see what it was as I had no real idea where I was. (we had absolutely no idea what we had in store.)

Logan and Ariella were in heaven with the waterfall. The trails around it were easy enough for both Ariella and Gabriel to handle which was wonderful to let them explore since dealing with weeks of rain.

Upon finding the waterfall Gabriel froze in his tracks and would not move. I do not know if it was how loud the waterfall was or the sheer power of the water that scared him but he completely refused to be put down and clung to Logan and me until we made it back to the car safe and sound. And he never dropped the huge stick he found either.

There is always so much beauty to be found here. I am grateful to call this area home.

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