by Cynthia

I have decided today that October is one of my favorite months of the year. During a break in the rain I had Gabriel and Ariella out exploring with me and we were admiring all the fall colors all about us. There is just something about all that orange and yellow against the gray misty sky that is breathtakingly beautiful.

Earlier this week the kids and I enjoyed an afternoon of watercolor painting as we painted some leaves made from cardstock. Logan and I attempted to make ours somewhat realistic while the younger two painters just went for it. Nothing fancy, just simple watercolors the kids have on hand. Once dry, I strung the leaves together with sewing thread and hung them from our dining room. I love the effect of the slightest breeze making them twirl like they are really falling down. I did this while they were all sleeping and it was quite a joy for me to watch their faces as they came downstairs for breakfast the next morning and noticed the leaf mobile.

I am as busy as ever with my knitting, spinning and dyeing (both the website and Etsy have new yarns if you would like to take a peek!). I hope to share the progress of my hemp yarn here soon. Never enough time in the day!

Have a wonderful weekend,


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