In Progress

by Cynthia

basket of fiber

spinning merino top

Just a couple of pictures to show what I have in progress this week. I decided to use my drop spindle to ply the hemp roving. It was easy enough to spin singles of it on the wheel but once I started to attempt to ply it, oh boy! It tangled like crazy until I was ready to pull my hair out! I have a lot more control of it on my drop spindle– even if it is more slow going.

Since my wheel is no longer occupied with the hemp roving now on my drop spindle, I decided it need not be empty for long and got to work spinning up a merino top. The colors of this top are a bit brighter and more bold than what I like but I thought once spun the yarn would knit up into a pretty cute and colorful hat for Gabriel to wear this winter. After all, we need punches of color to brighten up the dark rainy days. And being that he is a toddler I figure he can pull off the bright colors pretty well and still look cute.

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