Gratitude * Sunday

by Cynthia


This week had a lot of ups and downs for me in many ways. But Friday was definitely one that made me feel very grateful. In my last blog post I wrote and shared pictures from an impromptu field trip with three of my four children. That day turned out to be what I really have been needing to lift my spirit and shake off some of the weight that has been pulling me down.

For a little over a month now I have been keeping a daily Gratitude Journal. I used to do this years ago but stopped. I decided last month that it was time to start that nightly ritual back up again to help me get through some really hard times and not loose sight of the good that can still be found if one looks for it.

I thought for today’s Gratitude Sunday post I would share with you my Gratitude Journal entry for Friday.

Friday February 15, 2013

Today I am grateful for…

.: the gloriously blue sky today! :.

.: The sun, the feel of its warmth, the shadows it created, everything SUN! Oh, how I’ve missed you sun! :.

.: The gloomy-gray rainy skies to help me to appreciate a beautiful sunny day like today was :.

.: The sound of water cascading down the river :.

.: My silly little children that just LOVE tossing rock after rock into the water :.

.: Noting the still bare trees and almost feeling them stirring and getting ready to burst forth with their brand new tender spring leaves :.

.: Living in this beautiful, beautiful region of our country :.

.: My spirit finding peace today in the little nature walk spent with the ones I love so much :.


Please be sure to stop by and read everyone’s Gratitude Sunday posts today. I promise you will walk away feeling inspired! Thank you to Taryn for hosting it every week.



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