Creative Containers

by Cynthia

As I have mentioned several times now, I have a large amount of container grown plants on my deck. I really love to grow them in terra cotta pots. I love the look of terra cotta and how it gets that natural patina. Lately though I have wanted to get a little bit more creative in the types of containers I use. I have checked out two local thrift stores looking for items that would work as pots. Either I am not having much luck or I am not creative enough to notice an items potential when I see it.

One idea I had for some unusual containers did turn out to my liking though. My husband drinks a lot of coffee so we always have empty coffee cans waiting to be recycled. Several months ago I looked at them and thought they might make interesting containers if I left them outside in the rain to rust. So, I punched holes in the bottom for drainage and placed them outside and just left them to¬†“weather” the elements.

I now have three types of mint growing in these recycled treasures. I really love the look of the rust on them. And best of all they were free!

I’m still going to scour thrift stores for potential containers and hopefully I will find something fun. I was thinking a beat up metal colander would make a cute little container for some hens and chicks or maybe even a little sedum. If I come up with any more interesting container ideas I will be sure to post it here. If any of you out there have any suggestions please comment about them. I am all ears!

(In the photo below, left to right: grapefruit mint, pineapple mint, and a recently divided orange mint)

Rusty coffee can containers

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